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Why choose the 
Detox Your Life Festival?

Over the years, we've learned that to make any noticeable change in life, an equally large release or letting go is in order. But what if letting go seems like the last thing you'd want to do.

This is where this festival shines. Many people are experiencing such similar desires, wants, wishes, become who they are meant to become...IN THIS LIFE. Yet, this often requires a deep acknowledgement that...we can't do it alone and we were never meant to. 

This festival serves as a platform to explore the medicine that you personally need, medicine that others may have experience with, that may assist you on completing your mission towards wholeness here on earth. When we share what has worked for us, it increases the chances that together we will reach the Highest version of ourselves. We support you, we love you, and we are here as Pillars...holding it all right beside you. In Love,

Daniel R. Tardy, Founder of the Detox Your Life Festival

Awake Center
C. Garcias, Provincia de Puntarenas, Uvita, 60504

What about 


There are MANY airbnb's and short term rentals in the area. We suggest checking Airbnb or VRBO first. Awake also has a variety of housing. Check it out here and contact them via Whatsapp here.

Travel Arrangements

The Uvita bus station is VERY close and runs about every hour. If you are thinking of taking the bus to the festival, check out the San Jose to Uvita bus schedule here.

Ride Share

For those looking for riding sharing opportunities, please contact Zahara directly. She will be driving between Tinamaste and Uvita Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Price: 5 mil 1-way, 8 mil roundtrip.

Contact (Whatsapp): +506-7020-8143

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*Group Discount starts from 5 participants

This Festival is Quantum!

Are you ready to catch up with how fast time is moving these days. This festival will teach you the optimal ways to getLIGHT.

This festival may shake things up, in order to provide us each with the opportunity to clear what has been hidden deep within our bodies, our subconscious, and even in our DNA...and more over we don't have to do it alone. When we choose to Detox Our Lives, we amplify our ability to serve ourselves, our families and our communities.

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1 Day | 2 Day | Family Pass* | Tico Price

It's Time. Do it now! You know what they say about the BIRD and the WORM. Claim your Worm! Welcome to Detox Your Life!


1 Day | 2 Day | Family Pass* | Tico Price

Darn. Full Price Huh? Well it's still VERY MUCH worth it. Next time, Be the EARLY BIRD, and Claim your Worm! Or ask one of our affiliates for a SECRET discount Code!

Get Tickets

*A Tico price is available.

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