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This is you chance to sing, dance and release yourself in true happiness to the beauty of music. Connecting with vibration and love we are excited to bring these amazing artist - for us all to release tension and just be in the open arms of musical talent.

Meet our artists


.. Our goal is to move energy at the level of the cells/soul. And in our experience, the best way to do this by the use of sound and vibration. We've invited some of best musicians and the most beautiful voices to this years Detox Your Life Festival.


Special Guest

Coming soon!

w/ Johan (percussionist)

Flora and Fauna

This Ecstatic dance is 5 rhythms inspired, complete with Live instrumentation and pristine vocals, and an ancient vibe of native movement and live percussions. Get ready to Shake Sh*t UP!



Flora + Fauna formed through a mutual passion for music and a deep adoration of our Mother Earth. TRiBU and Astaria are both medicine musicians, multi-instrumentalists, and producers who love to bring community together to liberate energy and be inspired through the power of connection, movement, and sound. They create music that acknowledges our human experience and that directs our attention to the beauty of this Earth home with the intention to honour Her. 

A multi-talented musical duo combining flavours of medicine music, tribal rhythms, and sound healing frequencies, FLORA+FAUNA share love through musical musings, prayerformance, community gatherings, and song. 

Experience the raw creative energy that emanates from this unique pair and be inspired to ignite your inner medicine.

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Govinda Jai and Zamir Dhanji


Govinda Jai


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Immerse yourself in the sacred Mantra and Devotional songs of Govinda Jai accompanied by his harmonium, joined by special guest Zamir Dhanji on the cajón. Experience the harmonious finale of the Detox Your Life Festival as their enchanting melodies resonate through the air. Together, we will sing and unite as a community, opening our hearts and integrating the profound energy of this transformative event. Join us for this special musical performance to bring the festival to a beautiful close, leaving you uplifted and connected. Let the power of music bind us as we embrace the collective spirit of Detox Your Life.

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Zamir Dhanji


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Daniel + Isamar + LyraMa + Alex

We are the Past, the Future and the Now

Experience the magic of Ancient Future as you explore a world beyond time and space, where past, future, and now, converge. Ground yourself with Isamar's 20-minute breath activation, preparing for the journey ahead.Experience Alex's Deep Harmonic Transmissions and Futuristic Frequencies, as his music unlocks ancestral memories at the depths of your soul.

Feel the golden vibrations of Isamar's crystal bowls and shamanic soundscape, igniting your Divine Connection.

Transport yourself to a different reality, a distant planet where movement and dance embody the highest vibration. Awaken your inner play and power as you move with Daniel and LyraMa's ancestral tones. We welcome you on this journey, as we travel together to our Ancient Future.

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